LAKE Solutions is committed to facilitating the resolution of problems in an amicable and mutually respectful manner. To achieve our goal, we approach conflict resolution from an empathetic interest-focused perspective. We encourage empathy in all we do as it leads to greater understanding which improves overall outcomes.  We take the time necessary to understand the interests of each party so we can facilitate balanced and mutually respectful conversations that ultimately result in a win for all involved parties. 

Business and Family Law Attorney, Arnettia S. Wyre is the Founder & CEO of LAKE Solutions. Having zealously advocated for clients both inside and outside of the courtroom for over 20 years, she recognized the inherent value in shifting from an adversarial litigious posture to a more collaborative approach. The use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools in conflict resolution supports a profound shift in conversations, positions, and outcomes. It truly has the power to transform workplaces, families, and lives.


What Clients Say

My ex-wife and I had not even spoken to one another since the divorce. This created a lot of problems for our children. After just the first session, we both realized that this was crazy! If nothing more, we agreed to speak to each other.

Michael K.

It was hard work. I had to hear some things I wasn’t ready to hear, but it was worth it in the end. My daughter and I are going to Disney World. She is going to be so happy.

Gregory J.

Every Sunday evening, I would get sick. By Monday morning, I was too sick to get out of bed. All the tests my doctor ran came back negative. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. My job was making me sick. After working with LAKE, things got a lot better for both my manager and I. We no longer avoided one another. I became more confident and started to be able to anticipate his needs again; this was all he wanted.

Kim A.

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