Transforming Lives Through Effective Conflict Resolution

Resolving Family and Organizational Conflict through Empathy


LAKE Solutions is a full-service conflict management firm providing a safe and confidential space for families, individuals, and organizations to collaboratively work together to effectively resolve conflict through the use of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools of mediation, facilitation, and negotiation. We work diligently to help participants find common ground, resolve disputes, and reach a resolution. Unlike litigation where there is typically a winner and a loser, our goal is to create a win/win for all parties involved while preserving relationships and self-respect.

At LAKE Solutions, we are confident that we can give you the tools you need to transform your situation. If you are ready to win, let's develop the strategy to move you forward.


What are the Advantages of Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Maintain Privacy

In delicate situations, parties can rest assured knowing that their confidences are protected. All customers will be required to sign an agreement to participate, which includes a confidentiality provision.

Cost Savings

Parties are able to reduce costs spent on court fees, legal fees, and potential damages. Being able to engage in services quickly ultimately reduces delays and the unpredictability of the traditional court system.

Positive Outcomes

Parties control the outcome having the greatest opportunity of reaching a win/win agreement that preserves relationships and increases productivity.

Wow, you broke down the invisible wall that had been preventing us from working together! I never realized how much I had been contributing to the problems we were having.

Marco G.